What do you think of the Khaki Gold Ali or Shoulder Bag?

  1. What do you think of the Khaki Gold Ali or Shoulder Bag? with the khaki signature print. I have never seen one in person and it's always been on my mind to get one? I've seen a few on eBay but I don't want to spend that much money on a bag that I might not love...has anyone seen this bag? What do you think? Also, I am not really a khaki/signature person but that bag seems to call my name....please share your thoughts. Thanks.
  2. I love the combo of Khaki/Gold-(I am not a big fan of signature)-I have this in the slim flap-Love It!!!!!!:tup:
  3. I just bought a khaki/gold shoulder bag!!! I was in the same dilema and then just decided to go for it! I'm glad I did. This bag is really growing on me. Its a great year-round color. The gold will be fun and festive during the holiday season and it also will look great in the summer. I'll try and find my thread. Not quite sure how to attach it....but.. if you search "going for the gold....maybe" this is my thread.
  4. Okay...I'm going to look for your thread! Thanks! :smile:
  5. I bought a gold shoulder bag too! It's a small signature hobo! Gold is soo cool and cute!
  6. Which style of bag suits the color combination more.... do you think the gold/khaki looks better in the ALi or Shoulder? I think most of you picked the shoulder...may I ask why? Was it the size? Did you like it in the Ali style bag? I am okay with either size... I just want to pick the perfect bag. Please help! THanks!
  7. I have seen it modeled on here and think it looks great.. but I saw the Ali at the boutique and didnt' like it at all. So, I guess I have no clue! :confused1: :p
  8. I had it in the Ali and didn't use it much so sold it however it's available in the slim flap which I love! If I had unlimited resources I'd probably get it in khaki/gold in the slim flap! But I don't so I'll have to behave myself! LOL! Anyway, it's very pretty. The gold is a dark gold though not a soft gold. KWIM?

  9. I love the Khaki sig Ali and Shoulder bag. But, my preference is with the black trim. I love many of the signature handbags. I like the shoulder bag with khaki and gold trim but, not fond of the Ali in the same print. I love the black on black signature bags and also the chocolate on chocolate. Something is very rich looking about them. They shimmer...very elegant IMO. Easy to maintain and lightweight...all a plus for me. I also like certain handbags in leather especially the vintage leather.
    I am not so much into the patchwork or scribble bags. Not sure why. They just don't call my name when I walk by;)