What do you think of the holiday patchwork shoulder totes?

  1. I really like the holiday patchwork shoulder tote, and was thinking of buying one. (I guess that's the name of it)
    I was wondering if anyone owns one on here, and what do you think of it?
    I guess it is one of those that is only worn in fall/winter? Thanks to anyone that replies!
  2. I was thinking of buying the new holiday patchwork duffle, I love the colors. I wouldn't mind wearing that bag in the summer and the blue is GORGEOUS!

  3. I do like this one. W/the blue in it would look cute w/jeans... I was actually thinking about the one w/the pinks and golds. I don't know what year it came out? I saw one on a gal at the mall, and it looked so cute on her. I'm not sure if I will buy one though. I don't think i would carry it much b/c of all the colors clashing w/what i might be wearing!
    Not that i wear alot of coroful clothes, but you get my drift LOL