What do you think of the hidden chain handbag?

  1. as above

    now i am torn between a classic flap and the above?

    the former is more classy and the latter is more practical. Girls today dun need space for love letters but we certainly need space for our cell phones for all the text messages
  2. I saw it yesterday in the flap--wasn't too crazy about it. I don't like the stitching on the bag and (my SA even pointed out) that with time the chain might go through the leather handle. I'd rather go with the classic flap.
  3. its really bad if the chain goes through the leather?

    so what do you do if that happens?

    bring it back to the shop? and they will fix it for free?

    they should if that happens
  4. i love the ligne
    I love the flap in red- I loooooooovvvve that read
    I love the total designs and style of the bag..
    With the chain coming through the leather- not sure
    the leather feels and seems thick enough to be able to withstand that.
    And Chanel will always be able to repair it...
  5. i think in the end, i might just pick the flap..

    cos the straps of the hidden chain look like intestines to me


    but then the hidden chain can hold so many more things

    aHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhi dunno i dunno i dunno

  6. LOLOLOL about the intestines!!:roflmfao::true:
  7. i agree with the intestines comment. classic all the way.
  8. LOL....duchess: I have to agree you with 100% on that. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Also, I can imagine that the bag will be very heavy too. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  9. hahaha.. thanks for your input, ladies!

    i have decided. i just sent my friend in Paris a text message

    pls get for me, the medium classic flap in black lambskin :party:
  10. OOOH congratulations, I tried on the hidden chain yesterday, and the shoulder strap is just too short to have carry it that way.

    So glad you went for the black lambskin flap, you will adore it :smile:
  11. Great choice! I saw the hidden chain last week and though it is pretty, I think you will be much happier with the flap!
  12. i think the classic flap is a better first purchase.. if you have it already, it is wise to get the hidden chain..
  13. yup, i am getting the classic flap



    i have to downsize my wallet, trim my makeup pouch and possibly change my cellphone to a smaller one..

    aaaah.. the things i do for my chanel flap
  14. lol Good choice, Duchess!! Things we do for a chanel bag... :smile:
  15. A friend of mine received the HC flap as a gift and loves it so much she is buying it in another color. I'll have to show her this thread! Chain possibly erupting through the leather (think Alien...) and intestines is just too funny!!

    I vote for the classic flap!