What do you think of the green spy?

  1. Would love your opinions on the green spy. I have one which is stunning but it's rarely been used.. only handful of times. I was going to sell it few months back but changed my mind because I didn't want to have seller's remorse.. it is rare and the color is discontinued. Do you think it's popular? Should I keep it?
    I do need the money for something else:P
  2. I've never seen one. Please post pic.

  3. Oh I love love love love love the green spy!!! :graucho: :heart: :love:

    I just bought two spy bags in honey and silver/gold. I would have easily bought a green one had it been available.

    Oddly I personally think green is waaaay more versatile than the petrol.

    When did you get your spy and why havent you used it girly? :shocked:
  4. It's the same one as Nicole's spy.
    fendi%20green%20spy.jpg nicole.jpg
  5. the green spy is gorgeous! i'd love to have one!
  6. I got it last December and I have used it handful of times but I have young toddler and I normally don't carry my A bags when I have to carry bottles, diapers, snacks etc.
  7. Thanks for your opinion.. i've seen sooo many fakes on ebay especially the green which annoys me because they look terrible.
    I am considering putting it on ebay but don't want to regret it.
  8. The green spy is gorgeous! Why would you sell it?
  9. Maybe I shouldn't.. right?

    Well, I 've purchased 2 more bags this week and have guilt. :amuse:
  10. You may have buyer's remorse one day, but if its a bag that you hardly carry, then I say sell it. :biggrin:
  11. Hmmm, that is a gorgeous bag! The fact that the color is discontinued makes it a collector's item. When I am if-y about a bag but I know I like it and I can't decide to keep it I wear it for 10 days straight with everything no matter what I'm wearing or where I am going. I end up getting attached to the bag big time and I keep it. However, there have been bags that within the first 2 days get on my nerves and I run to the store to get my moolah back. I hope that helps. I call it my 10 day rule.:biggrin:
  12. i love it! it's gorgeous!
  13. i love the green spy-it's gorgeous! if i didn't have the petrol, i'd have definitely gone for the green!
  14. I love love love the green. I wish I had one! But if you don't use it that much, or if it doesn't fit in well with your daily routine, then you should spend the money on something you'll be able to use more often. 2000 bucks is a lot for something you don't use at least semi-regularly.
  15. I :heart: it...!!!