What do you think of the Graffiti?

  1. I'm getting a great deal on a used speedy type graffiti

    I think the only reason I'm buying it is because It such a great deal!
    But I wanted to get some reveiws on it before I did buy it

    I just thought it would be a great addition because I'm pretty
    young, and it seems like the young persons type of bag
    and it would only be my 3rd LV

    so basicly
    tell me what you think are the ups and downs of the graffiti line :heart:
  2. I like it you should get it than you could use the mr. clean magic eraser to clean the vachetta...
  3. I think you should buy it because you love it and would use it often, not just because you are getting a great deal on it. I personally adore this bag, especially in silver.
  4. I love Graffiti ! One of the best lines LV has produced IMO. :smile:
  5. i love the graffiti line. go for it!
  6. i love graffiti! one of my absolute favs!!!! i just got a speedy too and sent it off to france to get all of the vachetta replaced. if you love the bag join the graffiti club!
  7. I love the graffiti! Go for it if you love it!!
  8. go for it it's a limited edition!
  9. I say if you like it then go for it, just PLEASE make sure it is real first! There are a lot of fake ones running around out there!
  10. If you love it then get it. I got the pochette and get SO many compliments on it whenever I use it.

    It's really a gorgeous line.
  11. don't buy it just because it's a good deal! not worth it!

    (also, I'm not a huge fan, lol. I think it looks really cheap, jmho).
  12. I wish I could get my hands on one!
  13. I love it! Oh, and it is certainly not just a young person bag...you will be rockin' well into your 70s! You don't list your age, but you look to me to be really young and I am sure I look to you to be really old and I carry graffiti! (I hope that doesn't turn you off!)
  14. It´s a cool bag! go for it!!
  15. i dont really like it. but i wouldnt be able to pass it up if i was getting a goo deal on it....i have a problem!!!! lol.