What do you think of the Fendi Bbag?? No offence taken...

  1. Just bought one, Iffy about it.

    what do you think of the bag when you see it around?

    no offence taken. all opinion would be much appreciated helping me decided wether I should keep it.
    thanks everyone!
  2. I'm not a fan, personally...

    I don't really like big buckles.

    I like the Spy and love some of the new Fendi Clutches, though. :yes:
  3. I really like, I've wanted one myself!
  4. I like them, a lot. The look is kind of retro to me. Some of the Bbags are a little over the top, but most of the simpler fabrics/leathers look very classic with a twist. I would like one.
  5. Umm, I can't really see the pic.. is there a link somewhere that I don't see?
  6. Some Bbags are super-nice, others are fug to the max. It depends on what colors and materials are in the particular bag.
  7. I didn't care for the B bag when they first came out, but I've come around to them. I recently bought the Fendi B east-west shoulder bag (on sale!) and would consider getting a "regular" B bag too. I do prefer the less-ornate ones, though.
    Fendi B east-west shoulder bag.JPG
  8. ok to be exact ....what do you think of the canvas and gold one....I can't seem to find a pic as a refrence....(i have no cam)
  9. this one
  10. They are nice, but for the price I would rather have something else...
  11. I have the Fendi B Hobo bag in the same color combination. Love it!!! Haven't worn it yet, as I haven't worn all my navy blue clothes and jeans. Will wait more until the Fall. I was actually contemplating getting your style of bag before I purchased the one I have. I say keep it!
  12. I like the canvas and gold one!
  13. I like the color combo but I'm not personally a fan of the huge buckles.
  14. I guess I would tire of the design very shortly. Sorry, I don't care for it too much, and I wouldn't spend big bucks on it.
  15. I like the original B-Bag! I love its big buckles, the ruched design and chained handles.

    However, I'm not so keen on most of the versions of B-Bag (B-Bag hobo, east-west B-Bag etc).