What do you think of the fawn epi Jacques?

  1. [​IMG]
    Credit: Ebay & let-trade

    I can't decide if I really love or hate this color! Is it like a warm terra-cotta in person? I can't decide if its wearable or not.

    Also, what do you think of the Jacques? Anyone own one?
  2. I like this color a lot (you don't see many of it around) but haven't seen the bag IRL to give you an opinion. It reminds of me of Babylone and I really like Babylone!!!:biggrin:
  3. I have a speedy in this colour and i ove it! it goes with everythng. The colour is sometimes described as gold. Though its not metallic.

    It's a rather boho and vintage-y colour. It's not as predictable as brown and not as in your face as red.
    It can be described as dark burnt sienna, or as you said warm terracotta. It's pretty and discontinued but not really an essential and wont work as well as the essential brown bag.
  4. Thanks LondonBrat, that's very helpful!
  5. Hmm..nice structured piece of epi, which I always like. But the style isn't my cup of tea. Somehow I'm afraid I may get hurt by the pointy corners due to my clumsy self. :shocked:
  6. Lovely color. I saw a lady carrying a black Jacques and she looked so chic and elegant. I really like this bag. :love:
  7. I don't have any epi in this color nor seen it IRL so I can't comment on the color, but I love the Jacques. I had a yellow one that I used for summer. The short strap is too short to wear comfortably on the shoulder for me, maybe if you have thin arms and wearing a tank. The shape held up well and I didn't hurt myself with the corners or anything. Really roomy too. I sold mine, but now i'm totally regretting it!!!
  8. I Have A Black St. Jacques ~ It Is My All Time Favorite Bag!!! It Is So Comfortable On! .......I Think If I Could But An Epi In Every Color, It Would Be This Style. Maybe It's A New Collector's Idea For Myself (Actually That Might Be A Bit Much!)! :smile:
  9. color so nice
  10. I LOVE this bag - the style and the color!
  11. Gosh, I just can't think of what to wear with that bag...
  12. I used to have a Fawn St. Jacques. It was a beautiful bag but honestly, I couldn't hold as much as I wanted in that bag.

    There's also the other St Jacques with the longer strap. They come up quite often.
  13. I have the large epi noe in cipango gold/fawn and I love it. Goes with everything (that said, I don't wear pink). It's a terracotta color like you said.