What do you think of the Fall 07 BIG BABY CABAS? Here's a picture of mine.

  1. I thought I was getting the original Cabas. I don't know why I thought that... since the original is from last year.

    It turns out my bag is the larger Baby Cabas (Fall 07.) Are we calling this the Big Baby Cabas? I kind of like the fact that there are no large CCs... I don't like obvious logos on my things.

    It's so mushy, that it's hard to measure... but if I squish it down, it measures approximately 23 x 17 inches.

    It's black but looks dark gray in some light. Do all the leather Cabas look grayish?

    What does everyone think? Honest opinions, please! :yes:
    cabas.jpg cabas2.jpg cabas3.jpg
  2. I think it's perfection. The original cabas is massive, the baby a bit too small, so this is perfect. And this not-too-black color is really a now color.

    Ugh, the last thing I need is more bag lust... :p
  3. I took a picture with some random black Chanels that were close by... to compare the colours of black. I guess everything looks a bit gray in certain light.

    The Cabas is at the bottom and my 228 Reissue is at the top right:

  4. omg!! where did you get her? she's sooo cute! i'm looking for the patent vinyl one! can you help me find her?? heeeeee preeettyyyy pleaseeeee :crybaby:
  5. ^^ This is the new Cabas for Fall. It just arrived in stores, in Canada. Not sure about the States... but call around! :yes:
  6. she's gorgeous and I think that size is perfect too!
  7. I love it, its looks nice and smooshy.
  8. gorgeous!
  9. oh I love it :heart:!I've seen it on Saturday and I thought it was the old version too!I loved the leather which is caviar distressed(iceEarl informed me about that, the SA didn't think it was caviar lol) and the new braided chain.
    It has the perfect size too!:tup:
    Love your other bags too!Esp the grey reissue:drool:!Congrats and wear it well!
  10. ^^ I don't own any gray bags. All my bags are black. That's why I wasn't sure about the Cabas looking a bit grayish... I only want black.

  11. :love:
    That pic is just the definition of yummyness!!!:yes:
  12. Quite chic!
  14. Oh I like this size! And I love the "light" black color!
  15. me likey.