What do you think of the Epi Jasmin?

  1. Is it too formal for everyday? Too small?

    What color do you like it in? Saw one in yellow, what do you think of that color?
  2. I don't think it's too formal for everyday - IMO, it goes well with both formal and casualwear. It's a fairly good size - certainly not "too small". I think the yellow epi is beautiful!

    I'm not a fan of the Jasmin shape (I generally prefer "taller" styles of epi bags - eg, the sac plat), but if you like the shape, by all means, go for it!
  3. It's a cute bag! Not for me personally but I like it on other people! Yellow is a wonderful color!
  4. I saw a girl with the yellow jasmin and it inspired me to get one in red!! It's not too small at all. I carry it with my FP wallet, makeup bag, checkbook, and I still have room.
  5. It's A Beautiful Bag & I Love The Yellow!!! :smile:
  6. I'm really liking that whole line right now. I love the yellow and black and mandarin (which I think is going to be discontinued????)
  7. I love the Epi Jasmin in Red with gold hardware. I regretted selling mine off and couldn't bring myself to pay the price difference afterwards. :Push:
  8. it's a really cute bag. i did want a black one before, but it was on my let-it-wait list
  9. Does anyone have a pic of a member wearing a Jasmin so I can get the sense of size?

    Thank you :biggrin:
  10. I LOVE it. I fell in love with it last year in the Mandarin color and it ended up being my Christmas present :smile:
    It fits a LOT more than you'd realize..I can fit my PTI wallet and all other accessories very comfortably in it and still have room leftover.
    Here's mine:
  11. And here is the pic of me holding it (I just saw your post asking for it hehe.)
  12. I love it in mandarin but I find the Jasmin to be very stiff for my taste.
  13. Thank you so much (but you look like u might just kick my butt :lol: )!!!

    I love it, looks like a great size for me.

    Thank you!!
  14. Lol. I was on another board and everyone was asking for pics of me holding different bags for size comparison and I was thinking..am I DONE yet??? Lol. Seriously though..I'm only 5'2 haha..I couldn't kick anyone's butt if I wanted to.
  15. I :love: the Jasmin. The red Jasmin is no# 1 on my LV want list. I'm usually a jeans and cute top girl, and I think it will work well with my look, and give it that extra something. So, no, I don't think it's too formal. The one color I didn't like was the black. IMO, it looked more 'matronly' than the other brighter colors.

    I haven't seen the yellow IRL, so I can't comment on that color, but if you like it, I'm sure you'll rock it!!