What do you think of the Damier Porte Valeurs organizer?

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  2. I have the PVO in mono, and Brazza. The brazza is much more functional as it has a huge coin compartment and the gusseted compartments as well as a gazillion card holders! I actually use the PVO as an agenda cover for my pocket agenda.
  3. I really like the brazza. I want to get it for my bf so he can sort of understand my LV obsession.
  4. Cant see the first its sold out!

    I like the idea of the second as it holds a ton of cards and has lots of space :smile: Plus the price is nice.
  5. My DH has the d/c Brazza (was not called that) in the Taiga line

    Very roomy and 12 cc slots!
  6. My friend has the valuers and I have the brazza. We both LVoe it!!! I think if you only have a few cc then chose the valeurs but if you have more and want a zip coin purse then it's the brazza for you. goodluck!!!
  7. I was thinking about using the PVO with the Cozy coin purse!
  8. i really like the PVO in either the mono or damier. I'm not a fan of big bulky wallets with the coin area attached and the PVO is my answer to that.
  9. I love them bolth.
  10. I love the functionality of the Brazza. I am planning to get the Monogram one in Nov.
  11. I like both!
  12. Checked out the PVO today and its $345 CAD!

    The Brazza I think was $480
  13. Both are really great wallets... I want to get the PVO someday. I just looooove its shape.
  14. Thanks for your opinions, everyone! I got the PVO! :nuts: :yahoo: