What do you think of the Damier Parioli?

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  1. I really want a Damier piece but I am unsure as to which one. What do you think of the Parioli? Does anyone here have it? Is it a good everyday bag?
  2. i don't own this bag but i think it's good as an every day bag. what are the measuremtens? i personally prefer the damier saleya though...
  3. It looks like a practical bag - but I've never actually carried it. It might be a winner for me over the saleya, longer straps !
  4. I looked at the Parioli and decided against it. I don't like how the straps attach to the bag, how they sort of just stick straight up in the air. Also, more importantly, the top corners are very sharp. In fact, the SA I was talking to when looking at it said that she's had several customers return Pariolis because the corners were poking them so much! I also wasn't crazy about the magnetic closer, although I thought I would really like it. But I decided I'd rather the bag be totally open and easily accessible, or zipped closed when I need it to be. The magnet didn't give me the choice of having it open, you know? And it wasn't so easy to open as I'd thought it would be -- it's a strong magnet! Having said all that, I know there are some PFers who have the Parioli and love it, so hopefully they'll chime in with their opinions.

    I have a Chelsea tote, which I just adore, adore, adore!! In my mind, it's the perfect work/travel tote, so spacious and yet not so large that you feel funny carrying it. That would be my recommendation for a Damier tote.

    I also have the Saleya PM, which is an awesome smaller everyday bag, also very roomy but smaller than a tote. I love them both!
  5. It looks lovely. The only thing see I can see as a negative is how the straps just stick straight up in the air. This would drive me nuts! I really love the simplicity of the Damier. It makes a really elegant bag.
  6. I owned it and then returned it. I really liked the look of it, but I like an open bag that I can quickly get in and out of (especially when I'm running for the bus and digging for my buss card). While I liked the idea of a magnetic closure, I decided that it would make me crazy---it was just a little too hard to get in to.
  7. Interesting...thank you for the insight. I have never seen this bag IRL so I did not know about the sharp colors nor the "tough" magnetic close. I liked it because of the long shoulder straps. <sigh> I will find my perfect Damier; I just know it!
  8. it's cute, but i'd personally get a chelsea or saleya instead.
  9. I prefer the Saleya or maybe the Chelsea as a Damier shoulder bag. But I've never seen the Parioli IRL. Looks practical!
  10. I bought it then returned it. Cute but hard to open, sharp edges, straps stick up and not too roomy inside. I wouldn't recommend it.

    Saleya and chelseas I do recommend.
  11. I bought a Parioli a year or two ago, and I :love: it!!
    It's true that the edges are kind of sharp but they have never "poked" me :biggrin: I used to wear this bag to go for bargain-sale where there's a lot of pushing & shoving, so this bag actually sort of protect me. Just think, a lady tried to push me (yeah, RUDE:rant:) out of the way on my right with her shoulder or body, will definitely get "poked" by the tough corners of the Parioli :lol::shame: (it happened a few times)
    As for the magnetic closure, mine is not that strong/tough so it's easy to open. If you put enough stuff to fill out the width of the bag, you won't be able to close the top, it becomes like an open tote. :smile: plus point = love the terracota alcantara lining :heart: Negative point is that it is not as roomy as the Chelsea :sad:
  12. ^^^ sounds like a great shopping "weapon" to me! :yes:
  13. I'm indifferent to the Parioli- I much prefer the Chelsea.