What do you think of the Crocodile City?


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  1. The fact that is an exotic leather gets me excited, but I don’t really care for it on a Balenciaga. I mean, Balenciaga is famous for their beautiful distressed leathers (non exotic…), the croc takes away from that look so very much! The croc also makes the bag far less squishy than regular leather (at least that what it appears to do). Finally, it doesn’t have as many tassels; I love the tassels on B-Bags! Adding to it all, is it’s enormous price tag of $14,500.

    I think I’ll pass… :unsure:

    What do you think about this bag?
  2. thanks God I didn't like croc leather... good for my bank account :smile:
  3. I love croc but I cannot bring myself to buy a croc B-bag.
  4. Heck yeah it is! I would have severe buyers remorse with this one... :amuse:
  5. I like it, but for that money I would buy a Birkin instead.
  6. it looks too much like a briefcase due to its stiffness. it loses all of its soft buttery qualities in the croc. save the crocs (at least on this bag!)
  7. I agree with you! Crocs should be saved for Hermes! :P
  8. The stiffness of croc misses the whole point of the b-bag...slouchiness and softness! I don't like croc, so this is a good thing for me!
  9. i dunno - i do like the croc but for a b-bag.... hmmm, not too sure. i'm fine with having goat or cow but croc .... hmmm....
  10. I saw these yesterday when I was looking at greens in Barneys. They were locked up in a case. For good reason! I like crocodile to feel a little more like crocodile. On these bags, for some reason, the crocodile was smoother (a different crocodile, perhaps?)
  11. I saw it at Barneys.... As Mr. Kors would say, I was underwhelmed. Love the leather ones, though!
  12. Hmmm even if it doesn't cost that much, I think this choice of leather kind of takes away from the beauty of the motorcycle bags. I LOVE the design, and the slouchyness/softness of the regular leather. But I haven't seen a croc one in person, I just assume it's stiff...
  13. Not a fan.
  14. Love it, but for the money, would buy a Birkin.
  15. Not worth the price. For that amount of money there are much better bags out there to be had.