What do you think of the Conte de fees line?

  1. I'm kind of on the fence about it...I like whimsy so I sort of like it...opinions?
  2. I like the black satin ones, not really a fan of the others
  3. I'm still on the fence about this line, too. At times I think I love it and at times I think I hate it :shrugs:
  4. i adore the conte de fees line. its so querky and unexpected. i have my fingers crossed that i'll come across a beggars bag one day. it is my fav by far.:love:
  5. I love it..I'd love to get one in black.
    I also love how you don't see it all over..it's definitely different! :heart:
  6. I'm loving it!
  7. I had mixed feelings about it. Then after I saw the black satin musette IRL I just had to have it!!!:nuts:
  8. I'm not familiar with this line. Pictures, anyone?
  9. :smile:
  10. Eh. I'm definitely on the fence.
  11. Love it :yes:
    It's so cute that they made night + day versions.
  12. Oh, I've seen a few floating around the internet. I like the small accessories, like round coin purse and cles, better than the bags.
  13. I love the Damier Sauvage Deer/Giraffe or w/e it is... lol.
  14. i loved it!!! i love julie verhoeven as an artist!
    beside the black satin mussette, i LOVE this beggars bag. but it's wayyyy expensive though :P
    fav_95fd074b.jpg fav_8702ea6a.jpg
  15. :heart: Loves It!:heart: