What do you think of the Chloe Sm. Debbie Shoulder in Maize?

  1. Is it really yellow or more of a butternut, creamy color? Anyone have one? Is it a bag you can also wear in fall/winter? What is a good price for one?

    Pic below is borrowed from eBay:

  2. I don't have one, but it looks like a beautiful bag!
  3. Hi Bagatella,
    I don't have that bag, but I think it's beautiful bag. Personally, I wear darker color bags in the fall/winter, but it could definitely be pulled off! Listing price is $500 on eBay. Maybe call around Nordstroms or Bloomingdales, NM? to see if they have any in stock... they seem to be having pretty good sales right now. Good luck whatever you decide.

    It's not really yellow IMO, kind of creamy banana/butternut?
  4. I have this bag in brown and I love it. You could definitely wear it for Fall/Winter. The color you're talking about it like a pastel yellow.
  5. looks great! the yellow looks subtle and is more neutral than say, a golden yellow.

    I'm just seeing a small picture - do you have a bigger one, so we can see the details :yes: