What do you think of the Cherry Blossom Sac Retro?

  1. Searching bag showcase, it looks like not a lot of people have it. Is it really small? Can't be used everyday?
  2. the retro is big, just odd shaped.[​IMG]
  3. The CB retro is one of my favorite LV bags :love: It doesn't look too practical to carry, but I think it's gorgeous. I love it in the red/cream color combination.
  4. I LOVE IT!!! In ANY color combo!!! BTW, is Retro the same size as Eye Love You?
  5. Love it!!
  6. LOVELY collection!!!

    So is the Retro too oddly shaped to carry every day?

    Does anyone have a pic of them wearing it?
  7. I think the Eye love you is bigger.

    Lets bump this to LVADDICTED
    these are her bags.

  8. I still want Eye Love You bag SO BAD!!!:cry:
  9. here are some pic's

    there is a pic of a member hold this bag i'm still trying to locate it.

  10. here we go...
  11. Thank you so much. You guys are so helpful!!

    Its really cute....hmmm...
  12. i love the retro myself.. the brown as above and the creme/red
    the eye love you is just yummy too..
  13. The Retro is such a feminine bag. I love it in every color. I have a pink/pink one. I get compliments everytime I wear it.
  14. Do you feel its a good everyday bag? Casual and big enough?

    How much did it retail for?
  15. I love this bag!!! Love, love, love it! Whenever it pops up on Ebay I stalk those auctions lol. I also want the CB pap.