What do you think of the Chambers Heel (Shoe)?

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Should I get the Chambers Heel?

  1. Yes! Get the silver/cloud.

  2. Yes! Get the warm blush/peach rose.

  3. Yes! Get the one that you want.

  4. No! Don't get either shoe.

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  1. Do you all like this shoe?



    The heel is low (1.25"), it is suede and mirror metallic leather.

    I never do flats, but I was thinking about these for walking (not miles, just malls when I want to dress up a little more). I know that sounds backwards. I have some 2" heels that I wear quite often and I don't even like the leather! (It's multicolor snakeskin.) My old 2" suede block heel shoes look dowdy and I rarely wear them, probably because of the block heel and lack of toe cleavage. :-s

    Is the mirror metallic leather hard to maintain?

    Would the suede get dirty if I sprayed it with Apple Garde and took reasonable care when walking outside (not too much walking outside)?

    Which color do you like better?

    Would the rose go ok with silver jewelry?

    Is this too dressy? I saw a lot of blog pics with silver pumps and jeans.

    Is the heel too short?

  2. Love them! Could never wear them because of the pointy toe but definitely my style. Love the silver best but love both. Absolutely can dress down or up and I think silver jewelry goes with anything. Can't help with maintenance but I'd be careful in the rain/snow of course if they are suede. Height for me depends on how tall you are and where you're comfortable being. I'm petite and like being petite so I prefer a smaller heel like this. I have no desire to be up with the adults. :smile:
  3. I think these are adorable and you can definitely dress up or down. My experience with Coach shoes has been that there isn't much "upkeep" required because their shoes aren't on the same quality level as their bags and don't last more than a few months of continuous wear.
  4. I'd have to see them on. I typically go for a full on heel or a flat. Something about a heel this height, built this way, seems dowdy to me. DH has pointed out the flat square Coach heels to me a few times, and I see those the same way, but he can usually visualize things way better than I can. :biggrin: I'd love to like them because I used to wear heels all the time, like 3"+, and I just can't do it anymore. I do love pointy toes after wearing them some because it lengthens the leg almost as nicely as heels, or at least if you can't wear them as much. :smile:

    So try them on and show us some mod shots! If they were flats, I'd love them. It's the heel height I'm unsure about....
  5. It depends on the shape of your foot. If your foot is narrow, then a pointy flat-ish shoe will look ok with jeans or slacks. If you have a wide foot, a pointy flat-ish shoe will make your foot look like a flat box with a point on the end.

    I like the silver better than the gold but Coach shoes are very uncomfortable. Can you try them on before you buy them?
  6. Thanks everyone!

    I think I like the silver too. I have some bronze 3" heels - maybe I should wear those more and keep an eye out for silver heels.

    Thanks for the heads up. I can swap these out with other shoes. That should make them last longer.

    I was wondering if people would think they were dowdy. I think this design would make a beautiful 3" heel, but I wouldn't wear them as often.

    I think you may be right about the flat box. I usually have to order shoes before I can try them on, unless they are in a department store.

    I saw this wedge on the web site this morning - same materials. I don't think the height would work for a walking shoe, though.


    I'll probably wait a while before deciding on anything. Thanks to everyone for your votes and comments!
  7. I love the wedges!! DH bought me the pointy toe flat loafer style for Christmas. I can't think of the style name now. He bought the navy metallic. He also bought me the Ophelia black heel. Those didn't fit right and I thought I could stretch the navy ones so I kept them. I actually liked them so much, I traded to Ophelia for the silver metallic flat loafers just like the navy but I learned I needed the next size up. I've debated getting the navy ones again in the right size, I like them that much. I read someone post on the reviews to break them in, wear them around the house with band aids on the spots that rub, plus one or two pair of socks. I swear the socks definitely helped!
  8. I'm adding a write-in vote for the wedge!! I like the color of the warm blush/peach, but I'm not sure I could do that low of a heel unless I'm wearing pants. Usually I prefer a low heel in dress pants because higher heels make me feel like there's a flood! I think others can pull it off when I see them, but I just don't like how it looks on me. I like my pants to be just above touching the floor, anything higher than that feels off to me.

    If I'm wearing ankle pants or cropped pants or a skirt/dress and want to show off a heel, I usually go a little higher heel or wedge, that's why i think a wedge is perfect! I think you'll be able to walk in these better than the low heel actually... I always prefer wedges over anything else because I think they can make the outfit pop and can also be comfortable.

    I like the nude straps with that one... I'm just not sure I could have enough to go with silver metallic, but if it works for your wardrobe, then that's my vote!
  9. If my store has them, they carry shoes, I'll see if I can try both pair on. DH and I were planning on going to IKEA tomorrow. I know he will be expecting me to request a Coach stop, especially with a new floor set, a now a PCE! :biggrin:
  10. They didn't have the chambers! I totally wanted to see how they worked for me! They had the wedges but I didn't try them. The display was too big and I didn't want to have them pull my size.

    I did try the ones with the flat square looking heels and posted pictures on the "I may die" thread. :biggrin:
  11. OK, it looks like they came out with a silver nala heel:


    I have these in blue patent and they are sooooo comfortable. A good price too with the $50 gift card (if I can get the FP store to do free shipping). But I got my blue nalas for 70% off on FOS clearance. I don't know if the silver ones will make it to clearance. :-s

    I'm not sure how much I can use silver shoes, or if the almond toe is preferable to pointy toe. I've seen plenty of casual blogger shots with silver pumps and I love the idea of wearing them with jeans. I googled the Jimmy Choo Anouk and a couple of Kim K. pics came up. The pointy toe did not look good with her hips. I have her hips (now, not sure if I'll have them 15-20 lbs from now :P). Maybe the almond toe would look better on me with jeans. I can test it out with my blue nalas. Will have to do a little fashion show in the house to see.

    What do you all think of silver pumps with casual wear?
  12. I have always had good luck with Coach shoes in terms of quality and comfort. In fact, I just got a pair of my Coach flats re-soled again, they have to be almost 10 years old by now.