What do you think of the Caracolo?

  1. I can't decide if I like this style? Would you get it for a good deal????

  2. Hey Lynn. I would def get them for a good deal. They're cute.
  3. Hi Lynn12, depends on the deal, these were 40% off, so I think a great deal would at this point be @ 70% off, I think they are lovely on, better on the foot them off
  4. I think they look cute in the picture, a bit edgy. If the price was right and they are comfortable go for it.
  5. I recall seeing these at Nordies for $199 and decided to pass. I used to like this shoe but for some reason, I no longer do. The only exception is the nude with white zipper, that color combo looks good.
  6. I have this shoe in black and nude. I'm selling the black b/c I only need one of this particular style. I saw Nicollette Sheridan wearing them and I thought she looked great in them. I say go for it if the price is right!
  7. The original was $910. It is $399 now. I can't believe someone saw it at Nordstrom for $199?!?! Do you thing that is a good deal or is it still too much for a funky shoe?

    At first I didn't like the zipper. But after my VP fiasco today, I might go for it since I don't have a black CL yet. This would definitely be a fun going out shoe. Do you think that I would wear it in the summer? It would look great with white jeans and a black top. I could take my red vernis roxbury LV bag and voila, easy outfit. :yes:
  8. While this shoes is just ok for me, if you love it go for it. But don't buy it just because you need a black CL. There are lots of other style that are super sexy (and I'm sure lots to come) that could perfectly fulfill the void left from your HG shoe fiasco... either way good luck!
  9. I'm not the hugest fan of this shoe for some reason. I tried it on at NM in black/white and red/white and it didn't wow me. I think it looks cute on pics I've seen of celebs though, so not sure why I'm not feeling the Caracolo...
  10. Its a cute shoe, but its not my style so I would even buy it if it were on sale. I personally consider it a casual style though not one that can be dressed up.
  11. I like them. Would definitely get them for $199; might get them for $399.
  12. Cute but too edgy for me. :p
  13. I don't love the white zipper. Makes the shoe look cheap IMO.
  14. I am not particularly fond of this style in any color combination. I am a diehard nude fanatic and I would pass on the nude if I were to find a deal on it. IMO the contrasting zipper and the line in the heel ruin the smoothness of the cut of the shoe and takes away from the classic silhouette of the very prive and yoyo styles.
  15. it would be a nay for me.