What do you think of the Cabat?

  1. Specifically the medium Cabat in Ebano? thank you!!!
  2. I'm secretly lusting for one myself :girlsigh:
  3. I :heart: the Cabat, I honestly do!

    It is such a classic style, totally versatile and you just have to cherish this bag after learning about how much effort it takes these to be made! (There`s another thread about that, I think "What I know about BV").

    Ebano is a gorgeus color, although personally I just don`t see it on myself, so if you´re playing with the thought of gettin it, I say yes!

    I think Bunkie has an Ebano Cabat, so you could check her pics in the Action thread and I also love love love uclaboi`s Limo Vachette Cabat!
  4. Me eyeing the Ottone Cabat... :tender:
  5. i love it in theory but it's a bag that doesn't work for me. i prefer the original large size but it's just too big (the real problem for me is how deep it is -- the stiff base makes it stick out too far from my body). and even if it looked good on me, it's just too large to carry everyday (it would be a great travel bag though). the medium is certainly a more pracrical size but i don't like how it looks on me either -- it's too short. i have tried this bag on many many times and have drooled over pictures of other with theirs, but in the end, have decided we are just not meant to be. i love the ebano -- such a classic color. i prefer it in the nappa umbria.
  6. I love the cabat. it looks gorgeous,:drool: but it also wouldnt work for me. its one of those bags that makes me say "hey, why doesnt it look like that on me?"
  7. raz96, why do you think it wouldn't work for you?
  8. I dont really know chitowncat. i think maybe because generally i like a bit more structure to my bags. also i do tend to like at least one pocket on the exterior. DH is always moaning at me for not answering my cellphone:cursing: and mostly that is because i cant find it in time!!!
  9. i love the cabas and ebano's a gorgeous colour.
    i think it's my favourite bv along with the sloan. also love the hobo. i guess i like my bv slouchy.
  10. Yep, each to their own:tup: i love all BV, whether im carrying it or someone else is!!:heart:
  11. Love, love the Cabat...only thing that has stopped me from buying one is that it is not lined so it can look messy and take the shape of whatever is leaning agaist the interior of the bag. I honestly think the bag looks best when it is empty.

    It is a true work of art..I am not sure that it would be a bag that I use often. I have another larger open tote that is more vertical in shape (have no clue what the name is) that I use all the time.
  12. and one other thing... it doesn't close so the floppiness of it can be a challenge to keep it closed. An SA told me in the Madison Ave store that customers are buying leather strips to tie it to close...
  13. Im not a fan of the Cabat...
  14. I'm one of those people who liked it IRL, think the action shots are pretty great, but really wouldn't consider buying one. For the amount of time and skill put into the bag, I would just total it in a matter of hours. I can see using it for travel, but I would shove a bunch of stuff into it, then shove it into a car/plane where it would just get dirty. I also require a really good shoulder strap and I'm not sure how well they wear....Cabat owners, how do they work as a shoulder bag?
  15. I've never seen or tried it on, but I like the idea of the cabat. I'm one who needs easy access into my purse, so the open top of the cabat is not a problem for me. My only concern, like doubtfulguest, is how well it fits over my shoulder and just how heavy is it once all my junk is in it.