What do you think of the Brazil pouchette?

  1. Has anyone seen the Brazil pouchette in fuchsia? I don't have a picture with me but it's this pink pocket square with feathers, very very pretty and very pink. However, the question is ... do you think it's uhm ... too in-your-face pink to be worn as a scarf at work? The pocket square is really growing on me but I want to make sure I actually USE it if I'm going to get it. I work at an industrial bank so the dress code is typical business-like. What do you ladies think?
  2. I don't know what it looks like, but I think a little bit of pink would be fine at work. Is it this one in pink?
  3. Ohhhh ... that one is pretty!!! No, the one I saw doesn't have a dancer in it. It's just a lot of feathers around the edges
  4. Is it the pochette version of this scarf but in pink?
  5. Yaaaah~~ That's the one~~ Except the one I saw mainly just has fuchsia white and a tad bit of light pink. The whole thing is very very fuchsia.
  6. if you like it, then just get it. and figure some ingenious way to work in it your everyday business attire. like around the nick or maybe neatly folded over one jacket pocket, etc. what we like doesn't matter. you will be the one wearing it.

    corporate attire has relaxed a bit over the past decade - especially after some companies started to adopt "casul fridays".

    personally, if you ask me, i think it would be fine. just as long as you don't wear it as a tiny halter...:p