What do you think of the boston bag?

  1. Who has seen the bag in person? Is it a good carry on / weekend bag? One of my resolutions this year was to travel more so I want to get a kick start with some nice luggage!

    However i'm very impulse-y and haven't seen the bag in person but i'm sure it will work the job butttt I just want to see the inside!

    Also, Which color would you get? Black or Khaki/Mahogany. I'm leaning towards black only because it's not so showy and I only have one black quilted signature bag and I'm generally not a fan of it but I really like this.


    Sooooo whose got the pictures??
  2. if i had a use for it, i would have picked it up in a heartbeat...

    and i LOVE that black. but i wish it came in punch!
  3. I saw both versions before Xmas. Preferred the khaki/mahogany version. I do need a new carry-on, but prefer one in this style with wheels.(I am lusting after new Samsonite) Otherwise it almost came home with me as my gift for Christmas from my Mom, I got an LV Panda Pochette instead.

    I didn't really look inside, I seem to remember only an interior pocket.
  4. SHHH, we're pretending punch isn't a color because I wish it came in that too! :crybaby:

  5. you should call coach and complain and DEMAND they make it for you. ;)

    or else just get the black!!!
  6. I actually love this bag, maybe during next PCE I'll get it. I like the one in black the best.
  7. I'm on the phone with Jax enough! I wish I could get one special made for me and you! I'll just email the president of the company at work tomorrow and demand it :graucho:

    I mean! The store managers get a special bag for their annual meeting! Why can't little ol' me?

    *gasp!* aarti likes a BAG?!?! :p

  8. sheesh! silly coach! and after all the hours you give them at work!
  9. I should just sleep there somedays! My store manager has slippers at work, haha.

  10. LOL, yes I know surprising right, I love the shape of it. If there was a smaller satchel like this..
  11. haha. that's how ya do it!
  12. That's one nice bag! Hmmmm....makes me want one.