What do you think of the Be & D bag?

  1. [​IMG]I'm thinking of getting it!
  2. I saw it at Saks and LOVE it!!!!:yes:
  3. Cool bag! Love the color too!
  4. I've seen it in a different color in some of Neiman's catalogs this season and it looks so soft. Very unusual, I like it.:yes:
  5. I like it :yes:
  6. LOVE it...gorgeous colour and love the style!!!
  7. I like it. The color is great and its unique.
  8. I saw it at Saks in Suede. Very nice!
  9. i like it a lot. get it!!
  10. I like the Garbo series, but nothing else really moves me so far. This one is quite unique, though.
  11. Love it!!
  12. I think that it's absolutely gorgeous! I even pointed it out to my Mom in a BG catalog..and she agreed.
  13. Thanks ladies - think I'll go for it!