what do you think of the ankle boots trend ?

  1. and how would wear them ???

    At first I was :yucky: but then it warming on me......I like the heels sloushy type, not the straight ankle too 80's dominatrix to me.
    Pict from Topshop website.
  2. I personally love them and am in search for the perfect black pair :love:
  3. there cute if worn the right way i think!
  4. i love the slouchy ankle boots.
    can be worn with fit black pants or straight below the knee skirt :P
  5. I love ankle boots. I think they are incredibly sexy.
  6. I think they're so cute and if worn with the right outfit can look HOTT! do you ladies think they'd look good with a pair of skinnies?
  7. These definitely work with skinnies!

    Honestly, I've been an ankle boots junkie since the early 1990s or so and have gone through countless pairs. They work with jeans or dress slacks at work so they are a wardrobe staple 3 seasons of the year. Ankle, low mid calf, leather, reptile, suede...I love 'em all :graucho: .
  8. i love ankle boots! :heart: when pulled off right, they are extremely hot.
  9. i love ankle boots!!!:heart:
  10. my bean legs are too skinny to fit in any of the boots... *sob*
  11. hey ladies, thanks for your answers. Sorry for all the word mistakes in my original post but it was late at night !
    So you say that you'd wear them with skinny jeans or mid lenght skirt,
    (pencil type or baby doll dress ?)....I just need advice !
    Thanks !
  12. I love ankle boots! I like to wear them with thick wool skirts.
    Here are my two favorites: :heart::heart:
    Etro ....................... Giuseppe Zanotti
  13. I'll move this to the Glass Slipper. . . .

    I don't dig them personally.
  14. yay! I was afraid I'd be the only one to take a pass. They're Ok with pants/jeans or maybe same-color tights but I hate the way they look on bare legs and a skirt or short dress...skanky IMO, a la LiLo.
  15. I think they are practical under pants, but way too costumey for me otherwise.