What do you think of the "Abbey" and the "Chelsea Laced Satchel"?

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  1. I was looking at these today at Macy's - $798 is alot of money for a Handbag. Tried on the Black Abby (#10971) on and it was surprising comforable on my shoulder and the leather was soft. Not as heavy as I thought it would be.

    The Chelsea Laced Satchel (#10972) was also Beautiful and I was surprised that it fit on my shoulder also! I liked it in Tobacco best but the Black/Brass was very Classic. The Tabacco had Mineral Blue lining inside which was to die for.

    I heard these were going to be deleted at the Coach Stores? Will they show up at the outlets? Were very many of these made - they are not on Coach.com anymore.

    Abbey #10971


    Chelsea Laced Satchel #10972

  2. I am not really loving them
  3. My aunt has the satchel in black and it is beautiful-She has the matching wristlet which I just love-She hasn't used them yet so I will tell her to maybe wait if they are going to be showing up at the outlets.
  4. I've long been drooling over Abbey. I probably won't be able to afford her even at outlet prices though.
  5. I think the Chelsea Laced Satchel is cuter. :yes:
  6. There is a lot of hardware on both of these bags and they look really busy to me. I tend to like more conservative bags with not so much going on. I like the general style of both bags, though.
  7. Hi. I have the satchel - haven't pulled it out to use it. I know the leather scratches easily. I think it is made of the same leather the laced duffles & stitched hobos were made of last year.
  8. I like the satchel better. Abbey reminds me of a horse's saddle. I just feel like sitting on it rather than wearing it. Is it me?
  9. Well, now that you mention it... ;)
  10. wow, i was going to say i love the abbey, but since cverhoff mentioned it resembles a horse saddle....now i can't see the abbey without seeing the horse saddle! LOL!

    that chelsea is pretty. but i'm more of a conservative person, like mokoni. i'd get something a tiny bit more simple, like a legacy maybe.

    i have no idea if these will go to the outlets. good luck!
  11. I'm sorry if I ruined it for anyone!! :angel: THey should've named it Abbey's saddle bag.
  12. I just picked up the Satchel at the outlet today for $400.:tup:
  13. They're beautiful, but the hardware makes them very heavy. I am however, a satchel girl so I would opt for the satchel.
  14. I just saw several of those abbey's at the outlet in primm, nv yesterday.... I picked it up and it was SO heavy!!! :tdown:
  15. Perfect for a country girl like me! However, if I were going to spend that much, I'd toss in $100 more for the Chelsea Haircalf . . .:p city girls . . .