What do you think of Target Mossimo clothing?

  1. I recently have been shopping at Target lately and found some Mossimo clothes that are cute and fit quite well on my petite frame. I actually like some of Mossimo clothing better than Macys & Nordstroms juniors department. What do you think of the quality of Mossimo clothing and other designers at Target?
  2. It's not great quality, but it's fine for the price. I love Target.
  3. I bought alot of Mossimo clothes last August. I bought about 5 pairs of calf length sweatpants with little numbers on the hip. These have lasted through a million washes and are still comfy. I bought about 5 cotton baby doll tees to wear around the house with the sweats. These shrunk up soooo quick. Granted the tag said dry low when needed. and I DID use low. But they shrunk from a womens large to like a childs size. REALLY bad. I got 3 pairs of capris and the button came off 2. I had them reinforced at cleaners. But they still look cute and I have washed them about 3 or 4 times each.
  4. oo I would love to see pics....
  5. They have super cute clothes at awesome prices. :tup: I bought a few cardigans in almost every color. They have been through the wash a couple times and still look great!

    I usually wear a small and sometimes and extra small so unless I go with the juniors section, the womens x-small is too big on me.
  6. I don't even think the prices are that good. You can find much better pieces on sale from better brands at Loehmanns, TJ Maxx, etc.
  7. I have some T-shirts from them but they seem to stretch/shrink/or lose their shape quickly.
  8. I have a ton of Mossimo t-shirts. I love them. I usually buy them on sale so if they don't last that long, it's no big deal.
  9. I haven't purchased clothing from target yet...but I'll make sure to check it out.
  10. It's cute clothing but it always goes on sale after a period of time. It's good for Target though.
  11. cute, but crap quality. a lt of it is made in countries where fair labour is questionnable, so I don't buy it.
  12. Agreed that it is cute but poor quality. I've banned myself from buying clothes at Target, because I used to spend a lot there on things that fell apart after 3-4 wearings and realized it was really a waste.
  13. I have never had a problem with target clothing. I shop there all of the time. I have bought dresses, jeans, shirts, shoes, and some other acessories. I love target for the cheap thrill of finding something on clearance. I go to target all of the time to see what is new. I buy mainly cable knit sweaters from target.
  14. I have one or two shirts. They are are fine for the price point.
  15. Does anyone else remember when Mossimo was THE thing to have in the 90s? I remember being obsessed with it then.