What do you think of SV I bought today??

  1. I went to NM today to see something else today, and ended up with this bag. I thought I really loved it at the store, but now I'm back home and not so sure anymore. I really appreciate your honest opinion about this bag......


    Should I get Luxury Bowler in Bronze instead??(I don't need black bags for a while....got ton recently)
  2. I think its a great bag! Love the color, so unique. And lots of people have the lux bowler--this bag is not as common.
  3. I love that shape of the sv but in all honesty am not in love with the color... would you consider the same bag in a different color? the burgandy is beautiful!
  4. I am not sure about the bag. The color is unique...would need to see how it looks with your "look" to give better feedback. The luxury bowler in bronze may be a choice you are happier with for a longer period of time.
  5. This is the brown color in the SV line. There is also a dark brown which captures the leather nicely because it is richer.

    I like this style bag but the color does not fit the leather. It would be lovely in either the dark brown or black.
  6. I love this bag in burgundy or dark white!! What color is this???
  7. I'm not a big fan of the shape to be honest. :sad: However, I generally stick with the more classic shapes when purchasing Chanel, so perhaps my opinion would not be as useful as someone who's a bit more adventurous with their choices. :shame:
  8. Thanks everyone for your opinions...actually color is exactly what I'm not so sure about. I don't need big black bag anymore(since I have Spy and Balenciaga Work, and receiving Oversized Coco in Black Leather tomorrow). I wanted a bag in colors other than Black and White. I saw Bronze color on Luxury Line today, and wasn't that impressed, but now thinking it may grow on me later....I really LOVE the shape, though.
  9. I LOVE the shape, don't love the color. I know they make this in dark white and burgundy.

    NM @ willowbend has a dark white and Chanel 57th St. has a burgundy!!
  10. I really like the shape, but am not a big fan of the color. I think it would be nice in the dark white color japskivt mentioned.
  11. I LOVE the bag and I like the color actually, just don't love them together.
    That's the brown my tote was available in when I chose the white. I was afraid of matching that brown w/ other browns. . . my accessories {shoes, belts. . . } tend to be more chocolate, this is more of a tobacco brown.
    I really like the color itself though, very warm brown.
  12. i do not like the color. sorry. it may be a challenge to coordinate outfits with that color.
  13. Not in love with it. It seems like it is a little awkward to carry (at least th one I saw at NM was).
  14. I have the same feeling about my whiskey Paddington's color. I can't decide whether I love it or hate it. However, I think part of what makes the purse distinctive is the color.
  15. I love the style!
    It was between that vintage square and my reissue so I picked the reissue first. I would still like to get one a VS too! But yes the color..Im not crazy about