what do you think of stuart weitzman patsling..

  1. shoes? I just got these tonight from Nordstrom in the ruby patent leather. It's the exact same shoe as the ex-sling slingbacks, but all patent instead of the cork bottoms. Are these worth keeping? They were 275. plus tax. Should I keep them, return, or exchange them for the black patent?
  2. Do you have a picture?
  3. [​IMG]
    Here is the shoe, but instead of the cork bottom, it's all patent ruby.
  4. My girlfriend has a pair of these in the cork and she is brutal on her heels and these are the kinda shoes that look good beat up, KWIM? I like the corks for some corky reason Hee-hee
  5. I really like those.
  6. I really like those! Red patent leather is gorgeous!
  7. It'll look gorgeous with a skinny ;)
  8. one of my friends has the white exsling and it looks really hot.
    personally, i'd get them in the black patent bc red patent is a bit much for me... but it does depend on how you dress with them etc.
  9. Thanks ladies. :flowers: I think I will probably exchange them for black, which I could pretty much wear with anything.