What Do You Think of STEVEN by Steve Madden

  1. I guess Ombre is really popular this season as I've seen bags by several different designers with this style. I came across this Sweet Escape Satchel today. Seems like it would make a nice casual bag, I wonder if it will come in more colors? I think it's cute and the price isn't bad at all. What do you think? And if anyone out there owns a STEVEN by Steve Madden bag, what do you think of the quality? TIA! :flowers:

  2. Love it. It looks like a great bag.
  3. looks like a great casual bag for every day use!
  4. it looks nice, i see many designers using that gradient thing from LV to prada
  5. I thought you were talking about the Shoes. and those are nice. the bag is cute, if you like that design
  6. I own a Steven by Steve Madden bag. I wanted a black leather tote with hardware....and I got it. Silly impluse shopping!

    I'm a bit annoyed by their company's customer service. I called asking what sort of cleaner they recommend to be used on their items, and no one was able to give me an answer. I also e-mailed them, to no avail.