what do you think of someone that 2 speedy bags.. one FAKE and one real. But she carr

  1. what do you think of someone that 2 speedy bags.. one FAKE and one real. But she carries the fake one all the time. She keeps the REAL one in the dustbag, etc. She's afraid that the real one will get dirty.

    The fake one looks just like the real one though.

    i thought this was interesting.

    Do you know of others that does this?
  2. No, that makes no sense.
  3. :confused1:
  4. Probably similar to ladies who keep their diamonds in a safety deposit box and wear a CZ. LOL!

    Maybe you could explain to her how to take care of vachetta so she's less afraid to wear her beautiful real one?
  5. does not make sense to me...:hysteric:
  6. That makes no sense.. bags are to be enjoyed, not kept in a closet !
  7. Lol weird! And I doubt the fake one looks "just like the real one"...why did she buy a real one then?
  8. :tdown::tdown::tdown:

    If she doesn't carry the authentic LV = It doesn't exist.

    To prefer a fake Speedy over the real thing out of fear is simply ....sad.
  9. In her defense, and I'm trying to understand this as much as I hate fakes . . . it may be, especially if she came from an underprivileged background and it just means so much to her, or if she had to save a really long time to get it or something, that she simply can't bear the thought of something so precious to her getting ruined, so she got the other one and somehow, in the back of her mind, it seems okay to her because she has the real one. It is sad, but I do understand it a little.
  10. fake is a fake...why have the fake if you have the real?

  11. Actually you'd be surprised how real some of the fake speedy's are. Sometimes the only way you can tell is by the heatstamp.
  12. ditto
  13. I think it's dumb. What's the point?:shrugs:
  14. Okay, my first thought was that she doesn't actually own the real one, and it's just a story. If it's actually true, then I don't get why she even bought the real one, since she can't fool herself and knows the one she carries is fake.

    As for the fake ones looking real, okay there are some good fakes that look real to the untrained eye, but lots of tpfers will see it's fake
  15. Yeah kinda strange, but whatever makes her happy! She must have a really good knock off for it to look like the real thing! And those things are usually couple hundreds? Well, at least I seen the really good ones cost that much, which is nuts because you could buy a wallet or accessory with that money!