What do you think of Sissi Rossi bags??

  1. What do you think? Anyone own one? I love the washed leather look. I like the one below in particular. [​IMG]
  2. Dont own one, but I LOVE that color! OH.EM.EFF.GEE!
    but they're kinda pricey and i have heard that on the darker bags the color rubs off something fierce. i looked for a long time at a dark blue one, then i heard that and said no thanks. i can still love from afar....
  4. Really, the color rubs off?? I was wondering because the leather looks so soft and worn. I have never seen one IRL...this picture is from the Barneys website. (www.barneys.com)
  5. if you see them in person, you'll see how the color looks like it could rub off, if that makes sense. it's almost over-dyed to make such a deep color...i heard from a few people on other boards that their bags rubbed off on their clothes (usually it's the other way!) - but that was at least two seasons ago, so maybe it doesn't happen as much anymore.

    i :heart: the blue.
  6. I too absolutely LOVE Sissi Rossi bags. The washed leather is TDF, and they have a wonderful broken-in, lived-in feel.

    Yoox.com, brownsfashion.com, and Barneys.com are both great sources for authentic Sissi Rossi bags.
  7. I've seen some beautiful Sissi Rossi bags at yoox... The colors look great :love: I'd love to see one IRL, before I order one... :angel:
  8. I have to agree with greendrv and gergirl. I saw some at Barney's coop last week and i LOVED the look and feel of them. However, it's a shame they cost a bundlle. Sissi Rossi is my next big purchase,though
  9. Thanks for the info, girls. I am still looking for my next bag, but a Sissi Rossi is def on my short list.
  10. Yes, I have committed dead-thread resurrection - but, just to state and restate some Sissi Rossi discussion!

    I love these bags.

    When purchased through Yoox.com they are not that expensive, and compared to the other "high-end" brands they are actually quite affordable.

    I bought what yoox referred to as a medium leather bag, lol - it is actually pretty large!

    they have/had 2 medium leather bags listed, I purchased the larger of the 2.

    This bag has truly functional pockets, a HUGE inside zipper pocket, a cell phone pocket - an awesome adjustable strap (that really stays on your shoulder) that can be shortened to hobo length, or lengthened to messenger length. I can't say enough about it!!!

    Here are 2 pictures - one hanging from my chair, and one slouched on my desk.

    If you get the chance to check these bags out I can tell you that photos don't do them justice - these bags are the kind of leather you want to buy pants, shirts, and bras in!! :P

    Great bag and great value!
    sissirossi1.jpg sissirossi2.jpg
  11. I like the bag that you posted but I think it is only a very casual look and low key.

  12. I'm a casual kind of gal! ;)

    you don't always want a lock hanging from a bag, no? :smile:
  13. That does look like a pretty beautiful bag!

    Sissi Rossi always comes up on ebay when I search for JasMB, so I've come to know some of the styles. They all seem pretty amazing.

    Can I ask how much you paid?

  14. I paid $420 on Yoox.com.

    The bags always sell well on ebay so I know if I do tire of it I will get my money back!! (not that I can see myself tiring of it because it really it a fantastic daily bag for me.)
  15. i love Sissi Rossi bags. i saw a metallic gold one in lambskin on Brown's Fashion and was REALLY tempted, however i still couldn't justify my purchase...esp it was in pounds...which just made it seem more expensive, lol.

    i checked back constantly and one day it was gone. i always do this to myself, i dunno why. haha.

    love your bag though~ it's def a great everyday bag! ;)