What do you think of segur MM?

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  1. It seems like not too many people are interested in this. Do you think the buckles and lock would be a huge pain? I kind of like it. I don't have any epi bags and wanted a shoulder bag but there's not that many to choose from.
  2. I actually like the PM more, but that's because I like smaller bags, but I love the look of the MM!
  3. I like it! I used to want one until the Passy came out. I like that style of the Passy a little better.
  4. Yeah, I like the passy too, but I read here that the passy GM is heavy.
  5. I love it! I agree that I'm more drawn to the PM because I usually like handheld bags but I love both. It is not too difficult to open/close. The opening slides easily so it's not a pain. (I was thinking about getting one and made sure I tried this as it was a concern of mine as well.):flowers:
  6. Oh, I hadn't read that but I have a paddy, so I think that has pretty much prepared me for the weight of any bag. ;) I haven't actually tried either of them on so I'm just going by pictures I've seen. The Segur is a great bag though. If you love it, get it!
  7. I have the Segur MM in Myrtille and like it a lot! It is very roomy, and the straps are long enough that is can be a shoulder bag, even over a winter coat (unlike a Houston).

    The buckle isn't bad - there is a little flap to pull up on when you release the buckle, and closing it is very easy. I like the outside back pocket, too. I use it for receipts, etc.

    The only drawback (a small one) is that the epi is soft and can "buckle" along the top, causing a wrinkle. Probably noticeable only to me if I look closely.
  8. i really liked it, but when i saw it in the store i felt a little deflated. the leather is neither stiff nor soft, and it felt a little uncomfortable on my shoulder :sad:.
  9. hmm... it does not stand out at all...so if you like subtle bags I think this would be it!
  10. like the other pfers, i prefer the pm version. but this looks really professional if you want to use it for work.
  11. I ordered one from E-Lux and when it arrived and I opened it- I was a bit surprised at how stiff and Blah it was.. It went back to E-Lux and now I am wanting the Passy.. Santa are you listening???
  12. Yeah..I like either the PM style of this bag or the Passy.
    But between the two, the Passy is much cuter.
  13. I don´t care too much of it.
  14. I :love: the red version. The other colours don't do it for me. It's so elegant, plus it's a shoulder bag. I've tried it on (at the recommendation of the SA), and it is fabulous!!!

    I can't get another bag until next year, so in the meantime, I'll just have to :drool: after it.

    I like understated bags, hate anything that screams "Look at moi... look at moi...."
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