what do you think of pink trench coats?

  1. What do you think pink trench coats? I like the idea of a pink trench coat, but do you think it might look too childish on me. I'm 30 years old and a mommy of two kids, one being a girl dressed in pink most of the time.
  2. get a grey trench and fluorescent pink accessories instead?
    i personally wouldn't do it, but if you LOVE a pink trench and it fits perfect...why not? ;)
  3. I think it would look cute as long as the rest of the outfit was fairly neutral. I have a purple one and I love it! :tup:
  4. The idea doesn't sound great to me but I really think it would depend on the shade of pink.
  5. Hmm, I love pink myself, but I think it really depends on the shade of pink if you're talking about a trench. :smile: A deeper, saturated pink would look more sophisticated IMHO than a cotton candy shade of pink, and I'd keep the rest of the outfit classic. It's all in how you wear it, and I'm sure you'd look fab! :tup: Is there one you have in mind, or are you thinking about a pink trench in general terms? :smile:
  6. i think that if the shade is of a light, pastel pink and if you match it with other more classic colour and with a simple bag, you will still look so good.
    i'd avoid all bright pink in this case.
    there are some pink that looks so light that while its so girly and sweet, it doesnt overkill
  7. ^ Yeah, a light pastel pink (not cotton candy) looks really nice with chocolate brown I think, and that could work too. :smile: I could picture jeans, chocolate brown shoes, and a light pink (but not cutesy pink) trench. :nuts: On the otherhand, a deeper pink would look really nice with grey pants and black shoes (obviously you can wear it with other things haha, I'm just writing what comes to mind), but overall, it could be more difficult to match. I guess it depends on how much you want to wear a pink trench... I'm a coat/jacket person and switch it up constantly, so I woudn't be bothered with wearing it occasionally. :smile:
  8. Is it a pale pink, medium pink, or hot pink? I, personally, would feel fine wearing a pale or medium pink, but I don't have enough 'tude to pull off hot pink! lol. You would need some sass and confidence to wear a hot pink trench because that color turns heads!
  9. Go for it. Burberry have a beautiful baby pink trench coat.
  10. I think you can pull off most shades of pink. You are young! Fuschia is a really hot color, great with bold accessories, ie black belts with large hardware. Look at Burberry.
  11. I have a pink, brown and beige plaid trench coat that is very sophisicated (IMO) and not young-ish at all. I get lots of compliments on it. I think the answer is to stay away from overly pastel or bright pinks.
  12. I like pink trenchcoats, worn with the right clothing & accessories, can look really chic!
  13. Light pink is classic (think Chanel, Jackie O...) Keep the rest of your outfit non-pink/not too girly and it will be a great look!
  14. I think it's cute! I actually have a pink MbyMJ coat and it's really adorable with jeans!

  15. that's what i was going to say! ahhhh i LOVE that one, i wish i had the $$ to get it:girlsigh:

    definitely a DO! pink trenches are irresistible!