What do you think of people reselling your items?


What do you think about people reselling your tokidoki?

  1. It's great. Capitalism at its best.

  2. I'm indifferent. It's their item once they buy it.

  3. It makes me sad to see people do this

  4. I'd be mad because just it's not right

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    I saw this listing on eBay and I thought it looked similar to my denaro that I recently sold and now looking at it closely and the name of the seller... I can't help to really think that it is my denaro that I just sold.

    I sold mine for $62 shipped on LJ since I thought it'd be going to another tokidoki lover that would treasure it. I know/knew exactly how much it could bring me on eBay btw.

    It could only be up on eBay for the person to justify their purchase (I did the same thing w/ my shirts since my bf wanted me to try to sell them) but then again it could have been bought with this in mind. But the sad thing is I had a few more people contact me w/in the same day inquiring about the denaro that would've really wanted it :sad: it still makes me sad and want to only sell to people I actually know

    Anyways... what do you think about your tokidoki being sold for profit?
  2. It sucks, you always want to see your bag go to someone who will love and appreciate it. I have been lucky, the only two bags I ever sold went to good homes, well one is going to a very good home today, and there will be no regrets on selling. However I also believe once you sell a bag the situation is out of your hands. Just hope that your denaro will ultimately end up in the hands of someone who will appreciate her :smile:
  3. I think selling it to a person who really wants it and will keep it is a good thing...them taking it to sell off again, not so much; especially if they get more for it. But hey, that's just my opinion. But, maybe when she got it IRL she decided she didn't want it and just to sell it over? Eh, idk.
  4. yeah I know... but she's trying to sell it 2xs as much... and I know there's a possibility that a citta rosa denaro can sell that high.

    I don't know it just makes me feel a little betrayed? lol since I know there's 3+ people on LJ in that same community she's currently selling other things in that would love to get it. Which is why I'm hoping that it's just to justify her purchase but yeah... the fact that it can sell that high is kinda :shocked: since we've all seen it happen and know that it can
  5. I'd be totally sad if I sold a toki to someone and they went and sold it to someone else. You figure you're selling your toki to someone who will love it and wants it for their personal use ... not to turn around and try to make a profit off of it. I dunno ... that's just me but I'd be really hurt by that.
  6. aw tehlilone.. i'd be bummed. i mean on LJ that's a place we try to sell to people that we really think want things. I guess not. it's like when i bought my foresta denaro, the seller had a hard time really giving it up. I didn't blame her, but i told her i'd definately be using it and i told her it's going to a great home! at least she felt good letting it go. So in your case, i'd kinda feel the same way you do. And that is such a cute denaro!!

    I dunno, i guess everyone's different. And like Jess says.. i guess it's out of our hands once it's gone..
  7. i think it stinks to buy something that is much-coveted, and just turn around and sell it for way more.. especially if there were a few people wanting this item & it was bought for the sole purpose of reselling it. but also, i think we're all too emotionally attached to our tokis. heh :biggrin:
  8. ok sellin it for that much more is a bit messed up O__O i'd be pissed if i were you too :sad: sorry that happened.
  9. lol, i'm the only one that's "mad."

    i think it's cause i think "that could've been miine."
  10. i understand if you dont want it anymore or have buyer's regret, but its really LOW to sell something you bought FROM SOMEONE ELSE twice the price you payed. ive seen her around LJ, who knows what her reasons are, but its sad.
  11. Tehlilone! that majorly sucks :cursing: I can understand if someone bought it from ebay and was reselling it...but from LJ?!?! that is just wrong... I joined over there cuz it's supposed to be for mutual tokilovers where sales/trades are not for business! I'm sorry that happened to ya... Grr... *mad for u*
  12. This is a good subject to discuss. :smile:

    I bought a bag from a fellow tokidoki lover and ended up turning around and selling it. I asked her if it offended her and she said that since I paid for it, it's mine to do as I wish. Though she said that, it does nag at me from time to time.

    My reason was that it was an original Bella Bella which I'd been intending on buying from Hawaii for awhile. Then one was posted for sale on LJ at a SCREAMING deal, but it was probably because of the lack of Meomi. I bought it thinking I could let it go, but turns out I just couldn't; I HAD to have Meomi while I still could! So while I loved the bag and sincerely appreciated the deal, I sold it on eBay. I did NOT, however, care to make a profit on it (I ended up making $1 profit. XD).

    I think there's a big, big difference between buying, then changing your mind and reselling, versus buying, and then selling with the intent of a ridiculous profit. I've sold things on LJ at a LOSS to me because I want them going to good homes and I know it makes people happy. If that good will were to be wasted on somene trying to make a quick buck, I'd be a little upset.

    Phew. Long post for a lurker! XD
  13. I bought that bag from you and I love it! And I think I got a great deal and I really don't care that I don't have a Meomi qee! So it all worked out for the best in the end... we both have bags we love, with or without a Meomi :smile:
  14. i'm split with that. at one end, since it was sold to her, it now belongs to her and she could do what she wants with it. BUT if she bought it for cheap with the intent of reselling for a big profit, then it's messed up, especially since there were other people who really wanted it for their personal use. (i know i would've loved it) we don't know her side of the story, maybe she did want it at the time but something came up and she couldn't keep it. i dunno... it's a tough call. :shrugs:
  15. I think it sucks... especially if they go and sell it for more than you sold it for. I mean, I've never seen anyone sell the two things I've put up on eBay (I needed teh monies D:smile:... but if I did, I'd be like "D: there goes my bag"~ You get a special attachment to your bags =/