what do you think of Paris's new hair????

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Is that a wig? Look how high it sits on her head..
  3. Yup, she is wearing a black wig...
  4. YOu can see a piece of her blonde hair sticking out on the bottom right...at least she could have put it on right.
  5. Its not her hair its a *new* wig.
  6. Now Paris & Britney have the same hair!!! Her wig looks horrible.
  7. :lol: Thats too funny
  8. mmmm I was just wondering ChaneloChanel if you like handbags at all ?
    Seems that you only post mostly celeb bashing ! :shocked:
  9. LMAO! So true though!:roflmfao::flowers:
  10. :shame: been wondering myself.

    Seems like 99% of your posts are celeb bashing or celeb photo posting:wondering
  11. looks better on britney
  12. I have the necklace she is wearing. In baby blue!!!
  13. thanks for someone finally saying something! I found most of the posts really mean. I had to stop reading them. Just glad I'm not the only one. Thought maybe I'm uptight or something.

    ps I felt especially bad about the Japanese youth subculture bashing. I have a book on it and they are all just so adorable. I was pretty outraged.
  14. ^yeah, a few of her threads have had to be removed :sad:
    I think it's getting to be a bit much. . . it is a handbag Forum afterall!
  15. It's a wig. It doesn't look that great. She's worn that necklace before. Accessory repeat offender!!!!
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