What do you think of Paris's Album?

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  1. I know we had a thread about the individual songs, but the album came out today in the US....what do y'all think??

    I'm kinda into it...:shame:
  2. :yucky: I don't know if anyone remembers, but there was all this hype about the single screwed :shrugs: supposedly, Haylie Duff and some other songstress wanted to release this track at the same time as Paris, and there was all these legal battles to whom would release the track first, imo this track sounds screwed and so does the rest of her album. :throwup:
  3. It received pretty good reviews for it being Paris. I like a couple of her songs..haven't heard them all. But, I'm thinking I might just buy her CD.
  4. The songs are pretty catchy..I like some of the songs, but some of the lyrics are pretty stupid IMO lol
  5. I actually kinda like it...cheesy, but oh well!
  6. That poor child said she cries when she listens to her album. I do too.:crybaby: :crybaby: :throwup:
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