What Do You Think Of Nicole Kidman's Daring See Through Dress ?

  1. [​IMG]
    Daring: Nicole Kidman stepped out in a sheer black frock while promoting The Golden Compass in Japan yesterday

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I think normally she would be able to pull off pretty much anything. But this dress is just to busy and untidy looking for her.
  3. I am not liking it :nogood:
    On top of the different patterns and textures.. the feathers on the shoulder just isn't my style.
  4. I don't really understand it.

    It must be an example of high fashion so, I'm going to say its cute...
  5. Don't like it. I can see a little bump though!!
  6. Nope, not feeling it.

    And despite all the botoxing, her hands are giving away her true age.
  7. Me no likey. It doesnt hang well or fit properly. Just too much going on imo.
  8. Not liking the dress at all. It just has too much going on.
  9. Too busy. Looks more like valentine's lingerie than a red carpet dress.

    I do love her hair and makeup.
  10. well it seems i'm the unique her, but i think the whole look is great! she looks stunning to me.
    and just to point: the dress is Prada.
  11. IMO the dress is a mess! :yucky:

    She's looking wonderful though. :okay:
  12. She has a very small bump..How many months is she?
  13. Almost cute but nope. :nogood:
  14. Not my cup of tea. I think it's the feathers on the shoulders that make it look way too busy for me.
  15. That dress has a lot of randomness going on.

    Hasn't she been pregnant forever? Her bump is so tiny.