What do you think of NET-A-PORTER's new site?

  1. I just went onto the www.net-a-porter.com website and couldn't help but notice that it has completely changed! :amazed:

    The site seems a bit glitchy, at the moment and I had quite a few 'The page cannot be displayed's. :wacko:

    Just wondered what everyone thought of the new look NAP?
  2. I like the new layout- but we shall see how it holds up!
  3. :amuse: I like it a lot..... i'm even thinking of getting some shoes. thanks for the info. :nuts:
  4. Thanks for your input. I usually like change, but I think I liked it better before; it looked more original, to me.

    Now it looks more generic/run of the mill. :oh:
  5. I like it - it moved faster and the prices showed in US dollars only for me, which was nice.
  6. I like it too, it def moves much faster for me as well
  7. I definitely like the speed, too! :biggrin:

    I was really thinking more of the visual impact.

    I just wish they could have either stuck with the original design - but faster; or, if they were going to change it, I wish they could have changed it to something a bit more ground-breaking! :smile:
  8. I like it too!
  9. I like it! I agree with the speed. I used to hate browsing it cause it takes forever to load!
  10. their site used to be soooo slow... now i like it.. much better and faster
  11. Yup, at least it loads faster.
  12. Well, it seems better than it was. They need to improve their stock, they have Chloe, but no Paddingtons or Silverados. No Gucci or Fendi. Sorry to be the critic, but I think elux is better.

  13. They don't carry Gucci or Fendi, it's true, but they do have 5 different Chloe Silverados and 13 different Chloe Paddingtons (various styles), in stock, as we speak! :smile:

    Unless, of course, there is different stock shown, for different countries now? :huh:
  14. looks better than before!
  15. I really like it. This new layout makes this load for me faster, and I havent changed browsers or anything either. For some reason with the old layout I never knew what was going on, like if I clicked on something I couldnt tell if it registered with the site.