What do you think of my sunnies?? *pics*

  1. Here are my new (to me) Sunnies...the lovely Soupcon's in Honey Glitter!!! I couldn't wait to get that box open!!!!:yahoo:
    I think they are just gorgeous!!!!!! They are much heavier than I remembered, I looked at them at LV so long ago!

    Shout out to the A-team (Authenticate-team)...thanks bunches!

    The pics of me make me cringe...lol...but I wanted to see if you guys thought the shape and coloring were suited to me...I think so....
    Image006.jpg Image015.jpg Image016.jpg Image007.jpg
  2. They're gorgeous!!!
  3. Oh wow... they look AMAZING on you!!! They look that good because the color of the frames and tint on the lens go with your hair color. :tup:
  4. You look great! They look awesome on you too! Congrats!
  5. They look great on you! Congrats!!!
  6. Very nice, I think they look great on you!
  7. That is my favorite style LV frame. I love the color - it really suits you! Congrats!!
  8. Lovely!
  9. those are very pretty!
  10. Love 'em on you! Congrats!
  11. love it! they look great on you!
  12. Very pretty, I love the color!
  13. They look totally hot on you! Congrats and wear them in great health!
  14. They suit you perfectly :smile:
  15. Look good on you. The color suits your skin tone and hair color well. :yes: