What do you think of my new sunglasses?

  1. Here is a stock photo, I will take actual pics of mine tomorrow. What do you think? You won't hurt feelings if you don't care for them. I know they show N/A here but I got them at a boutique in Wellington. Mine are brown like the ones shown on the top.

    Prada - Rimless Shield Sunglasses - Saks.com
  2. I like those, they're pretty!
  3. They are very nice, Cheekers! I am sure they'll look fab on you. ;)
  4. Thanks ladies!
  5. Oooh, very nice. The brown one was the better choice.
  6. love them
  7. Hot! Love them!!
  8. Thank you. :smile:
  9. I think they're really HOT!!!
  10. Very classy and pretty :smile:
  11. absolutely love them! ive been lusting over the ones with the silver rim for AGES. awesome style, you've got great taste and are lucky to own a pair :biggrin:
  12. Love them!
  13. Thanks a lot!
  14. Great choice. Congrats!!!
  15. Very chic. I really like them.