What do you think of my new bracelet?

  1. I just finished this one the other day, and it is my favorite I've made so far! The focal bead is Tibetan turquoise, with handmade lampwork glass beads on the sides, and faceted iolite spacer beads. It is made with over 21 feet of sterling and fine silver wire, and took about 6-7 hours to finish.
    What do you all think?



  2. Wow Pippi! :nuts: That's a very unique bracelet! I've never seen anything like it before... :drool: I love the choice of colour, it's absolutely gorgeous! :heart:
  3. Pippi... it is GORGEOUS!!!! :drool: That is amazing work... just amazing!!!!
  4. I've been loving making these. It's amazing what you can do with just wire!
  5. Wow! that's really pretty! :love:

    Now... is that 6-7 hours total, or do you spread the hours out over a couple of day?
  6. This one I made over two days, but I have made some in one long sitting (with breaks to go to the bathroom) before. I tend to get pretty focused when I do stuff like this. It is kind of a meditation for me.
  7. It's pretty & unusual - great work, Pippi!
  8. It's beautiful! You have the talent!
  9. Thanks everyone! I love being able to create beautiful things. And I love sharing them with others.
  10. very cool bracelet! i love it!
  11. Love it!! Gorgeous! Do you sell them??
  12. It's fabulous! You already know I'm a big fan of yours. I WILL own several of your pieces some day!
  13. Wow- beautiful!
  14. Pippi, I saw your lovely bracelet in the art jewellery forum. Has been admiring then and am still admiring it now! :heart:

    well done. it is really really amazing work
  15. very nice!