What do you think of My New Blue JC Riki....

  1. I finally tracked down my Blue Wet Look Patent leather Riki. :yahoo: I fell in love with the bag and finally decided to order it. I received it yesterday:party: It is a fun bag because the color changes in the light constantly.
    blueriki.JPG bluerikiback.JPG bluerikibottom.JPG blueriki2.JPG bluerikilight.JPG
  2. Love it... congrats! :yahoo:
  3. Oh Robyn, I'm so glad that you finally found a patent Choo! Congrats. It's really pretty. :love:


    So how many Choos do you have now?
  4. Thank you Cosmopolitan:yahoo: I am still envious of the Bordeaux, but I guess that was not meant to be:crybaby:
    I have 5 :choochoo: :choochoo: , but I'm still lusting after the Crocodile Ramona:graucho:
  5. Wow, 5!!!!

    So where did you find the blue patent Riki?
  6. Very, very pretty!
  7. Lovely, stylish and fun (a rare combination!). And that cat too . . .sigh!
  8. I contacted JC customer service and told them I was looking for the Bordeaux or the Blue Wet look patent leather bag. They found it in NY and shipped it to me.
    I am a sucker for Choo's:love: I am actually thinking of going to Las Vegas, Florida or NY for Spring break just so I can visit a JC Boutique:girlsigh:
  9. ^^^That's great!

    I'm a sucker for JC bags too. They're just so HOT! ;)

    Now, if only we had a Jimmy Choo handbags subforum...
  10. That is one sexy bag! I love the shape of the Riki, and the shininess is just the icing on the cake. Congrats!
  11. Very nice bag. Looks like kitty is all grown up! :p
    They are both beautiful.
  12. Congratulations!Beautiful bag.My sister-in-law bought that same bag.It is such a great color.I would love to see a picture of all of your Choos.It would be really easy to admire eachother's JC bags with a JC subforum:idea: :idea: :idea:
  13. Thank you:choochoo:
    I will get them off the top shelf this week and snap a few photos in case we ever get a JC subforum:shrugs:
  14. Looking forward to seeing them all:party: So, is this two JC purchases this month? :graucho: I just had a black mahala show up at my house this afternoon:whistle: .Reading about your new TDF Riki is making me feel not so guilty:happydance:
  15. I am soooooooooooo jealous!!!!!!