What do you think of my new bag :D

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  1. ladies
    what do you think of my new baby

    don't worry i won't bite :biggrin::biggrin:

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  2. The leather looks nice, but I gotta admit I'm not loving the handles.
  3. They are a little long cuz its a shoulder bag :smile:
  4. I think the length is fine. I just don't like rolled handles like that, and I prefer those some hardware.
  5. The handles look a little like an afterthought. But looks quite roomy I like big bags.
  6. i would say the reason why i got this bag in the first place was becuz it looked like a slouchy Birkin and looked to me like a Marco slouchy bag but with better leather
    i would say its a nice travel bag...it is huge
    check out the pic

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  7. I agree about the handles. They almost look as if they don't even belong on that bag. The leather looks lovely though:smile:
  8. Holly macaroni! it's huge! :nuts:
  9. HEHEHEHEHE yes i know
    its a great travel bag
    i travel with a whole lot of junk lol:blush:
  10. ^Yes, it does look great for travel. Enjoy!
  11. Looks like a fantastic travel bag!

    Do you have the large or medium MT? how does the size compare?
  12. where did you get it? it IS a great travel bag!
  13. WOW, that is a big bag, waaay too big for me, lol! But CONGRATS! You seem to love it, and that is all that matters :biggrin:
  14. thanksss u r so sweet :smile: