what do you think of my first chanel?

  1. i got my limited edition brown diamond stud lambskin flap. it's my first chanel!!!:yahoo:


  2. i have problems opening photobuket.com links at work :sad: .. i can't see the pic. i have to wait till return home ..

    any way .. congratulations darling .. :heart: :yahoo:
  3. wow..
    congratz!!it's gorgeous!!!!
  4. OMG, that color is TDF!! I had it in brown caviar and it was truly a rich, milk chocolate brown. Congrats!
  5. gorgeous!
  6. Congratulations !It looks gorgeous!
  7. holy crap, that is GORGEOUS!!!!!! i love how the studs are so subtle yet really brings out the bag, love it!!!
  8. It's Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!!:love:
  9. can you please attach it :sad: ... i want to see it nooooow :wlae:
  10. Lovely bag. Enjoy it
  11. Congrats! This is how Chanel addiction start! Love the color and the beautiful lambskin! So lucky! Great first bag!
  12. CLASSIC! Congratz!
  13. gorgeous, i love it.
  14. That is amazing. Congrats.
  15. That's so gorgeous.....I love the colour.