What do you think of my booties?

  1. Pls I need opinions about these boots. Thanks.
    boots1.jpg boots2.jpg Burberry boots.JPG
  2. Hot!

    :heart: them.
  3. ^ I agree :yes:
  4. Love them!
  5. Perfect length for you, too - that doesn't always happen! Congratulations!
  6. love it!
  7. nothing else to say but SLAMMIN"!!! the height, the heel, the leather, all look amazing, great style and the fit looks fantastic on you. enjoy!!!
  8. very very nice!!!!!
  9. They look fabulous!!!
  10. those look great!
  11. So cute - gotta wear them with tights for fall/winter.
  12. I love your boots!! They are stunning
  13. I love them! They look great on you. Details please, where did you find them, are they current season. Mind if I ask the price.
  14. Good choice!
  15. Thank you all! My sister gave me those Burberry boots. I don't know the price, really sorry. She said purchased them in UK, last year. And I was wondering them to wear or not. The problem is too high heels, I usually wear flats. Actually all genuine leather, nice boots.