What do you think of my bag


What do you think of my bag

  1. love it!

  2. it ok

  3. Hate it

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  1. Tres chic, and classic!
  2. LOVE IT! Its so very cute.
  3. I like it very much - it has a lived-in leather look that I desire.
  4. great bag!
  5. i really like it!
  6. what's not to love???? it looks awesome - congrats and please ENJOY IT!! :yes:
  7. I agree, what's not to love? It looks great on you, enjoy!
  8. It's a classic Bal Bag, who wouldn't love it!!
  9. Love it- my fav Bal style! Enjoy!
  10. I love it too, not too small at all.
    My first bag was actually a "first" bag and I loved it so much, it
    wore out whitin one year.
    I wore it everyday of course.
  11. Very chic!!! What's not to love/like???
  12. LOVE IT!!! Your bbaby looks great on you...do you love it?
  13. great bag!
  14. gorgeous!