what do you think of my anthracite first?

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  1. I posted a poll last week because I was having doubts about my color choice (anthra vs. grenat). I ordered from BalNY on Tuesday and it got "here" on Friday (quick shipping, but I was out and missed the UPS guy!! :sad: ).

    I just got my new baby in...so what do you think? Do you see the little raised area between the two rivets on the front? Is that something I should make a big deal about? Is she a keeper or a return? These pictures are taken without flash.
    IMG_2623.jpg IMG_2624.jpg
  2. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  3. i think it's pretty! and i can't really notice or see the raised area thing :p

  4. Super beautiful color and wonderful leather!!!!
  5. I can't even see the little raised area. The bag is gorgeous, but if that really bothers you you should return. You spent all that money you deserve a bag that your happy with.
  6. i'm leaning towards keeping, i don't think i can wait another week for another one! :p
  7. I think you should keep it! The leather looks so thick and smooshy and who knows if the next bag will be as nice!

    About that raised part: it looks like it will even out once the bag is broken in and the leather gets even softer.

    Looks like a keeper to me :happydance:
  8. I like this color better everytime I see it. Congrats!
  9. So smooth! Gorgeous! And my Olive Day also has a little raised area on the front piece between the rivets. I'm still breaking the bag in, but I'm sure it will break in too and it doesn't bother me.

  10. It's GORGEOUS:nuts: !!!
  11. I can't see the raised area ???

    I think the leather looks lovely! But if you're not happy with her by all means send her back for another or something else :yes:
  12. I think it looks Wonderful!
  13. It's totally a keeper!!
  14. congrats for ur new bag....i do not see any raised area based on ur pics....U shld keep it as the bag is gorgeous.....hehehehe
  15. Gorgeous bag! I'm almost ready to give up my quest for a FB first and just get one of these bags. I've seen different variations of this color. Is yours more green or blue?