What do you think of my 1st preloved ?

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  1. Hi All.. I just bought a preloved (by my sister) Reissue GHW size 226 in red.. The bag is quite old (14 series), but in a good shape and no color transfer or whatsoever. Hardware also still shiny.
    My sister only used it couple of times and she prefers to wear black than red. All this time the bag just sit on the box inside her closets.. She is trying to sell it.. So I decided to give the bag opportunity to see the world.. Not just sitting inside the box..
    Anyway.. What do you think of this bag ? Should I keep it ? Or should I sell it ? I already have Boy in red and Mini square caviar in red..
    The bag have some orange tone under some light..

    My current family pic..

    Modelling pic..
  2. She's definitely a keeper! It's such a beautiful bag...Plus you know where it came from so you don't have to worry about the authenticity.
  3. balen.girl, I just have to say that I love your Chanel collection! In my opinion, you can never have enough black and red Chanels so I think that red reissue is definitely a keeper. It looks great on you! Do you love it?

  4. Yes good point.. I am 100% sure about the authenticity, because we both have the same SA, and I know exactly when and where she purchased this bag.

  5. Keep the reissue
  6. What a GORGEOUS CHANEL family.. I LOVE your new addition...:hbeat:

  7. Who does not love red Chanel ? Lol..
    Thank you dear..

  8. Thank you..
  9. Definitely a keeper, that's a gorgeous reissue!
  10. Def a keeper
  11. Keep for SURE!
  12. Keep! Can you get a "sister discount" ?

  13. Thank you for helping me.
  14. I'm drooling over this gorgeous red !!! Keep her - She's looks perfect in your beautiful collection :hbeat:
  15. This bag is gorgeous! It is absolutely stunning! For a 14-year old bag she doesn't look her age at all!!! I would get it!