What do you think of Moon Bag (Lune)? *PICS inc Step on pg4*

  1. I just brought home a blue moon bag from NM. I have Juane Step coming on Monday, so my plan is to pick either Blue Moon bag or Juane Step bag. I really like the moon bag....but it's really hard to let go of Yellow colored bag, too. I know many people love juane step, but what is your opinion on Moon bag? I tried to search the forum, but not many topics on Moon bag.... :shrugs:

    Anyway, heres some pics of me with Moon bag, and my LE magenta SGH, which I LOVE!

  2. more magenta pics

  3. Congrats on your new bags, I am actually not a big fans of non motocycle lines, but surprisingly I do really like this Moon bag. I do think you rock the Moon bag, it looks fabs on you. I really do like how it suit you nicely. But I am not sure if I will recommend you to let you the Jaune Step, can you get both ? :p:graucho:
  4. Magenta. :heart::heart:

    As to the Moon bag, it's a beautiful color and it looks really great on you. I say keep it! If you'd asked me in the abstract to choose, I'd probably have said jaune Step, but you wear this bag well.
  5. LOVE the moon bag on you!! It's stunning!
  6. Lovely! Congrats!
  7. I really like the Moon bag and it looks great on you.:tup:Look Christina likes it too.:p
  8. wow....nice bags!!! congrats!!!!!
  9. i think the two bags are just to different to pick between the two for you. Pick which fits with your lifestyle more, and one that you will use more! :smile: Both would be wonderful, so you can't go wrong either way IMO.
  10. both bags are gorgeous. awesome colors.
  11. I'm starting to think that the "moon" bag may be a hit ... btw you might find more references to it on the forum if you search for "lune". Anyway, I've never seen that bag look more attractive than it does on you!!! But I'll have to wait and see how the Jaune step looks on you before making a definite decision. ;) Also, I agree that a big factor in the decision is which one fits better into your lifestyle!
  12. love the moon bag!
  13. Win.. You ROCK the LE Mag SGH...it looks fabulous on you. I'm biased... that said I'm not a fan of the non moto. bbags. It's nice, the blue moon, in a less casual way. My vote..keep both, all three bags are very different. But if you had to choose...keep Juane...it's gold without being glittery gold.
  14. I love the Lune on you! It's a really lovely structured bag, so I think it depends whether you prefer the structure of that or the more casual look of the Step. I'm sure you can't lose either way! As pretty as the Lune is, I'm not sure I like it enough to justify its very high price tag, however...
  15. LOVE the lune bag on you!! i saw that color when i was at neiman's today, and the blue is so pretty...
    both bags are gorgeous...congrats!

    my purple/black lune is on its way to me from bal ny...i can't wait to get it!!