What do you think of Monogram with this color of leather?

  1. Instead of vachetta.
    This is a Monceau. What other bags come or came with this leather? Does it have a name?
    Anyone like or hate it?

  2. I like it, I love this briefcase! I want! I want!
  3. It's ok..I'd prefer it a tad darker but otherwise, it's a nice briefcase.
  4. I love it! I have been searching for the malesherbes in monogram and it has this leather trim too.
  5. It's very stylish looking - I like it.:yes:
  6. Is it treated leather?
  7. I like it.
  8. found some more


  9. ^^^^Oooh...what is that bottom pic of the tote? I love it!
  10. Monogram Sac Weekend Tote Bag
  11. ^^^Thanks sharona!
  12. YW! Too bad it was already sold on Let-Trade!


  13. I believe my Papillon 26 has the same type (or similar, at least) of leather. I heard it was treated pigskin leather...or something like that. I personally prefer it over vachetta (on certain bags) because I don't have to worry about patina or getting it dirty!
  14. Those are 80's Vintage Pieces made with treated leather which comes out darker than the untreated leather like on today's styles where you have to wait for Patina
  15. I'm the odd one out but I don't really like it. Yes vach can be a pain in the butt to take care of but it gives a bag character, you'll remember when you first got it, how nice a white the vach was, then as you carried it and took good care of it, it developed a beautiful patina...and imo I think patina-ed vach is a prettier color than that dark treated leather :yes: jmho