what do you think of Mono Alma??

  1. Do you think this bag will still be "it" bag for another 5-10 years??

    I love alma but "she" doesn't get as much as exposure compare speedy and reade .I bought it because it seems classy

    Should I sell my less than a year alma and buy batignolle?
    If I want to sell it how much do you think I should get ??

    When did LV make alma with cell phone pocket?? mine was born in 2005 and it has cell phone pocket. My friend's bag doesn't have it . I think her bag bought in 2001.
  2. This is just my opinion, but I think Alma will outlast BH or BV.
  3. I agree...it's timeless and classic.
  4. I told myself that too, plus I have mezzo I don't need BH...so many exposures for BH make me want it [​IMG]
  5. I love the Alma - a timeless LV.
  6. The Alma is classy and sophisticated. It will never go out of style.
  7. Well I guess I keep it then..thanks ladies !!
  8. Alma is definately a timeless LV piece:smile:
  9. I would keep it.
  10. I almost sold my Alma but also decided to keep it.
    I agree that it's one of the classics, right up there with the Petit Noe and the Speedy.
  11. I didn't know the Alma was a "it" bag!

    I never considered it "in" or "out"

    I've always seen it as a classic!
  12. Alma will be in forever. I saw an older woman with hers this weekend in my elevator. It was super old and well loved, i'm sure she's had it for many years and loves it as much as she did when she first got it.
  13. This is somewhat sad, but I used to love the mono alma and tought it was beautiful and everything, until this stupid girl in my old class bought a really horrible fake in Thailand, and everytime I see an Alma now, even a daimier or epi or MC or whatever, it reminds me of her, and it has totally ruined my love for the alma :sad:
  14. The Alma isn't trendy at all- it's been an LV staple for years! It's a true classic up there with the speedy, keepall, and papillion.

    I love it in Damier!
  15. :heart: I purchased my Alma (my 2nd at that time) in 1999 and I love it...I have Speedy 30 (my 1st) and in Feb. got the Deauville....I agree, Alma is a classis, def a keeper .!. .!.