what do you think of moccasins?

  1. i've seen this trend starting on my campus- and i must admit, they look quite comfy. some cross between a moccasin and a loafter (i see the names interchanged...not 100% sure on the difference between the two, lol).

    so...what do you think? i'm getting tired of all my ballet flats, but yet i don't want to run around campus in heels. i can't seem to find a happy medium.

    these are the ones i'm looking at: Kate Spade Loretta (Black Suede) - Kate Spade Footwear

    or even these, in black, from coach:
  2. Moccasins can be okay but some are horrible in my opinion. I really dont like the Coach ones. The Kate Spade are okay, so I'd get those if I had to choose
  3. yeah, i've seen some pretty fugly shoes while searching Zappos...

    i like those kate spade ones...but i don't think i can bring myself to pay for a pair of $200 shoes right now!
  4. I have a really cute pair of driving moccasins from Delman that I bought from Bluefly. They look nice and are comfortable. The style name is Opus if you want to look them up. I also have some driving mocs from J. Crew that are cute.
  5. Those are cute I think!
  6. mocs were in when i first got to college a few years ago, but the trend has more or less died here. i'd stick with ballet flats, i think they're more fresh and feminine looking.
  7. our school is ridiculously late on trends, amanda...it's actually quite sad...

    i love my ballet flats, i really do...but i want something different...
  8. I wear moccasins all the time with jeans. I tend to buy the ones that are classic and will stay around a while. My favorites are Delman's. I know Tod's makes some nice ones too, but I don't have any (yet).

    I'm 50 and having read your posts, I can see that you ladies are much younger than me, so I don't know if my thoughts would apply to your situations. But I do dress nicely and find that mocassins can actually make a pair of jeans or casual pants looks more chic.
  9. Marc by Marc Jacobs makes some decent ones but honestly I don't really like moccasins very much.
  10. cole haan makes nice driving shoes, you could try a pair of those. i'd just try a new pair or two of ballet flats if i were you, though.
  11. I like the Chloe ones, but that's about it for my personal taste.
  12. I hate loafers, but actual moccasin shoes are pretty neat - some styles. I bought a pair of knee-high black suede moccasin boots and they're quite neat.
  13. The Kate Spade pair are cute.
  14. I forgot to mention in my previous post that I have the most gorgeous pair of moccasins from Hollywould in purple and a very pretty pair in turquoise from Lilly Pulitzer. They're from last spring, but I love them. Can't wait until it's the right weather to wear them again.
  15. I like those Kate Spade mocs you posted. I have a pair of tan Teva mocassins that are very cute with Jeans and really comfortable. They also have hiking soles (? I don't know what you call them) so you can't slip (I am a clutz).